Thursday, April 27, 2017

Circles and Lines

Because I hear Gollum obsequiously saying "nice hobbit" in my head when I look at this picture, I feel compelled to clarify that the shirt actually says Be a nice human.

In January or February, I discovered some green and black self striping sock yarn at a shop in Conway and got two balls of it, with no clear intention other than possession. Then, in need of a portable project, I decided that it was time to set aside my long-held belief that knitting a skirt out of sock yarn is ridikkulus, and cast on. It lived in my bag for months, coming out to play at all sorts of interesting places - church, movies, waiting in lines, traffic jams, tattoo parlors... and slowly, stripe upon stripe, it grew. Until finally I bound it off, ran the elastic, and put it on - to discover that I had made the perfect pencil skirt (more or less). Find Avonlea on Ravelry here.


While I generally don't do a whole lot of it, I love summer knitting (that is misleading - I knit year round, but the things I make are generally for colder weather). I also adore the beautiful way that linen drapes around your body, so I finally tackled a Liesl ("everyone I know" made one years ago, so I'm a little late to the party, but very glad I decided to come). It was a lot of linen but well worth the miles of stockinette, and I'm glad I altered the neckline (V instead of scoop). I've worn it several times since it came off the needles, and it's already proven lovely and versatile.

After all of that big-stuff-with-little-yarn-on-little-needles, I needed a break, so I grabbed three luscious balls of recently acquired Zealana Kauri (possum fiber!) and made a cowl. It asked to be spiraled, so I set about finding the least troublesome possible way to do that, and finished it off in a few days (size 10.5 needles help with that). We had two random cold days in amongst the hot ones, so I was delighted to throw on my favorite Mustache sweatshirt and head outside to photoshoot Dune (pattern on Ravelry here).

Also somewhere in there, I took a day off to knit one of Shannon Okey's recent #knitgrrl52 projects - I didn't have any DK in my stash, but I learned long ago that sock yarn held double is a comparable substitute, and that's something I have in abundance. I'm pleased with how these Elling Mitts turned out.

Next up: another Dotted Rays out of this Hedgehog Fibres deliciousness, and then I'm starting a summer stash down (while I still have knitting time)!

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