Tuesday, April 4, 2017

52 Lists: your essentials

For me, the best place for a fresh start or to begin a new project is on my birthday - the beginning of my year. So the year I was 21, I did a photo a day project (that ended up including an internship in Cleveland, meeting/dating my now-husband Adam, and going to New York to work for Vogue Knitting - so I'm retrospectively glad that I committed to documenting that particular year!), and the year I was 24, I knitted the sky (one row on a scarf each day in the color of the sky). So for 27, I'm doing lists. I'm going to roughly follow along with the book The 52 Lists Project.

A list of my essentials

1. All things bright and beautiful
   a. knitting
   b. nature, outside and in
2. All creatures great and small
   a. the quirky humans I love/share space with, bless 'em (that is not to say that I don't have quirks, just that ours are different and sometimes of dubious compatibility)
3. All things wise and wonderful
   a. alone time
   b. books
   c. journals
4. The Lord God made them all
   a. Him ^

(Thanks, Coleridge!)

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