Wednesday, March 15, 2017

What's Your Color Story?

I love color. Always have. As a child, I (unsuccessfully) attempted to get my mom to let me paint the walls and ceiling in my bedroom blue and put in green shag carpet ("it'll be like being outside!") and as an adult homeowner, I lost no time in creating a full rainbow from my kitchen to my living room, with furniture, art, and accent walls.

So I was delighted to be on the launch team for Moll Anderson's new book Change Your Home, Change Your Life With Color: What's Your Color Story? I've seen plenty of decorating books that talked about color and how to use it - that's not exactly what this is, though. Moll suggests that vibrant color is something that naturally speaks to us (and that we speak through), but that we tie colors to events in our lives, and sometimes those create negative connotations. 

The book is filled with pages and pages of gorgeous photos (not all of them decorate-y) in all colors, along with gentle encouragement, tips for incorporating color into your life, and a few journaling exercises for digging down to discover the colors you truly love, and maybe find forgiveness for the ones who've hurt you in the past.

I found it both validating and encouraging - it's already led me to make some color choices with my knitting that I might not have before, and stepping outside my usual Activist-Turquoise and Introvert-Green into a more balanced rainbow. I encourage you to pick up a copy - every story needs a little color, and this book is filled with vibrant hues for home and life.

Find Moll's new book here - I was given a copy as part of the launch team, but these opinions are honest and wholly mine.

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Karrilee Aggett said...

Isn't it GORGEOUS!?!?!??! I loved it, too! So much inspiration!