Monday, March 27, 2017


Last weekend I had the opportunity to go to a movie alone (this is something that I enjoy, and always have). It was a late showing, because I went after Littles were in bed, and I chose the nearest theater, which happened to be in a mall. I had already checked the forecast and noticed a high chance of thunderstorms, so I chose my parking spot with meticulous care, settling on one directly under a light, next to a restaurant that would be open past when my movie got out.

I enjoyed my nachos and knitting alone time (and the movie, it was good, too), and when it was over, I headed toward the corridor that led to my car, only to find it barricaded. I stopped short, then looked around. "You can't go that way," a security guard informed me. "That's unfortunate," I replied, "because my car is that way." Rain beat the roof and lighting illuminated the corridor, and I stood there looking at him expectantly.

He finally decided that me staring silently at him was sufficiently uncomfortable to merit climbing down off his stool, and deigned to let me out an employees-only side door. He pointed the way, and I set off running. The rain came down in sheets, the parking lot was a river several inches deep and swiftly flowing, and I was almost halfway around the building from where I needed to be. At one point I shouted aloud, "This is utterly ridiculous!" because it was.

But when I got to my car, I was laughing. It was oddly invigorating, and and a phrase echoed in my mind in my own voice from long ago: where's your sense of adventure? It was something I'd ask anyone who'd balk at some idea of mine. But it's been a long time since I said that, and I didn't realize how much I missed willingly tackling "six impossible things before breakfast" until I faced something ridiculous and overcame it. It was refreshing to embrace adventure again, though - I think I'll keep doing it. After all, you never what is possible until you try.

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