Tuesday, March 21, 2017

52 Lists: ways you can cleanse your life for spring

For me, the best place for a fresh start or to begin a new project is on my birthday - the beginning of my year. So the year I was 21, I did a photo a day project (that ended up including an internship in Cleveland, meeting/dating my now-husband Adam, and going to New York to work for Vogue Knitting - so I'm retrospectively glad that I committed to documenting that particular year!), and the year I was 24, I knitted the sky (one row on a scarf each day in the color of the sky). So for 27, I'm doing lists. I'm going to roughly follow along with the book The 52 Lists Project.

A list of the ways I can cleanse my life for spring

Lists are hard. My brain does not think in lists. It thinks in paragraphs. So. Let's talk about Lent! A couple of years ago (I had to think about that for a moment, because it doesn't seem like it's been that long) I did a knitting project for Lent (I think that was also the year I gave up Staying Up Late) - a grey to green, ashes to life, linen triangle scarf. I love metaphors.

It's difficult for me to think of something to give up every year, because I try to "have nothing in my [life] that I do not know to be useful or believe to beautiful" (thank you, William Morris, for that excellent phrase), so that doesn't leave much over to eliminate. But things do creep in.

So this year, I'm trying to consume less and contribute more. In a simplified sense, that's a form of social media fast - only checking Instagram or Facebook if I have something to contribute. But I've also slipped into some patterns of consumerism that need to be broken. Too much getting, not enough making. Too much receiving, not enough giving and gratitude.

My practical application of this has been admittedly sketchy. But practice makes perfect, and this is a mindset that I'd like to maintain, even after Lent is over.

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