Thursday, February 2, 2017

Short and Sweet

Ah, February! My favorite month - short and sweet. And one month closer to my Bear coming home!

January was... an adventure. The secret project is now complete - if you're in Fayetteville, check out the Fayetteville Underground art gallery for First Thursday tonight to see Morgan Bame's knitted renditions of a little bit of history (that's not always what it seems).

In the midst of that, both Littles caught a bug that's been going around here - thanks to the sacrificial assistance of my mother (who came at the beginning and helped keep the alternate well child away from the current sick one) and my mother-in-love (who came after and sanitized my home from top to bottom), I never got it and they recovered quickly. But it was a crazy interlude, nonetheless.

But now we're all well again and I'm trying reestablish a normal routine, as well as take a bit of a break after a hectic month. Right now, that looks like rereading The Lord of the Rings and knitting a quick just-for-me project - hyacinths to feed the soul, as it were. I've also got a review copy of Moll Anderson's upcoming book Change your home, change your life: with color that I can't wait to share!

Final note: every year, the Arkansas Children's Hospital sets up a way for people to create valentines for the patients there - choose a design, choose a message, and they do the rest. Please head here - it only takes a few minutes!
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