Friday, January 20, 2017


Now there's a topic I could write on all day... Introspection and analysis bring me great joy, even when they lead to unearthing ugly things, because the problem cannot be solved until it is first acknowledged. However, that creates its own sort of problem, in that I can direct all of my attention toward Areas To Be Improved Upon and completely miss the beauty of the present moment.

The possibility of stagnation terrifies me, so I don't often stop to admire the progress made in my constant pursuit of Better, or maybe just Different. I do try to journal regularly, so that when I become discouraged with my seeming lack of progress, I can go back and see that I have actually changed, but that's an irregular ritual. 

I've always felt that we're expected to be one thing at a time - by why? Why can't I be deeply happy about the spot I'm standing on right now, while simultaneously longing to know what's over this mountain? To refine my heart and soul and mind, while also recognizing that in any given moment, I am doing the best I can with what I have?

This week's 52 Lists prompt wondered where I saw myself in ten years, and I found myself unable to answer. Ten years ago I wouldn't have imagined or desired to be where I am now - because I was a different person then, and I wanted different things. The way it's turned out is better than the way I would have chosen, had the choice lain in my hands, and I am better for it. So, ten years into the future, I hope that I've learned to balance rest with the pursuit of refinement, and found a greater joy therein.

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Katha said...

You're right, we often struggle with our own imperfections. But only stressing out will definitely not help us, so yes, a balance of rest and improvement is good.

Kelly Blackwell said...

I think it is vital to appreciate where our pursuits have brought us. Too often we get in a cycle of push. I enjoyed your post.

Your other FMF neighbor. - Kelly