Thursday, January 19, 2017

Knit a Bit

First up: new design! I have hauled a bag of Brooklyn Tweed Shelter around for five years, since I bought it in Alexandria, Virginia, waiting for it to tell me what it wanted to be. At the end of last year, it tangled up with my word of the year for this year, and Pacific just sort of happened. The yarn is absolutely delicious, and I'm really pleased with how the cardi turned out. I'd like to see it with a deep red instead of the blue, also...

photo cred to Amber Patrick, pattern written by Shannon Okey

A declassified project! I adore working with Shannon Okey, and I was delighted to not only test knit (for muggles, that means she wrote the pattern theoretically and I had the honor of not only turning her written notes into reality - knitting is really very collaborative, which is one of the things I love about it...) this lovely cowl for her {Casta pattern here} but also being a part of a year-long experiment she's running on Patreon {knitters and nonknitters alike, you should check this out}.

And finally, another secret project. This one is also not for me (on a side note, that's really healthy - because there's no way I would ever have done this much intarsia for myself, but now I've gotten really good at it because of this project), but hopefully I can share it next month (my small contribution, and the piece de resistance - I know some seriously talented people). In the mean time, watch Instagram for snippets, since it's a big undertaking that will probably take the rest of January.

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