Thursday, December 1, 2016

Like an Arrow

Someone asked me a few days ago if I had a new "word of the year" yet for 2017 and I was baffled. A new one? I'm not finished with adventure yet. How can it be time for a new word? And yet, somehow, it's December.

November flew past. I blame the fact that I attributed the first 6 days (before my Bear left) to October, but still, the rest went quickly. Settling into new routines, Thanksgiving week spent with family, and now... advent and impending Christmas.

The past year has truly been an adventure. So many new experiences (some planned, some not) - adventure sought out, and adventure that pounced unexpectedly as I came 'round the corner, Hobbes-like.

Now things are wrapping up for the year (literally and figuratively). I've got one Christmas present left to knit, and then I can focus on the Healthy Knitter's project peace knitalong (and maybe a few other non-Christmas gifts, because why not).

Time flies on - Brooklyn grows taller, Tobin begins using multiple syllables, the leaves turn and fall from the trees, and Mr Jeremy Fisher looks more like a frog and less like a guppy every day (I'd like a kitten, but thought I'd start them smaller). I'm trying to sink into this month - not to slow time, but to savor each moment of it, before the year is gone.

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