Thursday, December 8, 2016

Knit and Reknit

Because of grace, we can have joy.  I knitted Grace-filled during a study of Ephesians - grace is what stood out to me from it. Then we (and by that I mean the women's ministry and the sermon series at our church) have been going through Philippians, with a focus on joy. So it just seemed right to do a remix. Joyful is Grace-filled in every way, except I used a different yarn - instead of using two strands of the same sockweight, I alternated a smooth sock yarn (Dream in Color Jilly) with a mohair/silk blend (Neighborhood Fiber Co Loft). It's amazing what a difference it made in the final piece! It's also significantly lighter (which I find to be a delightful continuance of my metaphor). As a side note, I am having a grand time being my own photographer. 

Another remix: Live Long and Prosper, a variation on Love Out Loud. I eliminated the stripes and flipped the heart chart upside down to create Star Fleet insignia, and had a grand time doing it. (If you would like your own tiny Wesley Crusher, or other nerd character, check out Lumpy Buttons' Etsy shop and prepare to want everything.)

Unless I remember someone I've forgotten (which is entirely within the realm of possibility) my Christmas knitting is complete. Next week I'm planning to work on wrapping and prepping gifts, to have it all off my conscience as soon as possible so I can just enjoy the season. Oh, and plan a birthday party for Tobin.

But for the next few days, at least, I'm just going to blissfully circle along on my Project Peace cowl, and continue to be grateful that I bought the yarn that I really wanted, because alpaca makes me happy. 

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