Thursday, November 17, 2016

Knitting for Peace

Knitting, glorious knitting. There was a yarn crawl last month, and while I was only able to make to half the shops (not that I haven't been to the others, since they're in Northwest Arkansas, but I like to do things all the way), I did end up with lots of goodies (purchased, and won). 

One thing that I won was 3 balls of Erika Knight British Blue Wool (delicious Blue Faced Leicester, which smells like a lamb rolling on a grassy hillside in the sunshine - the sheep, not the yarn - and is my favorite wool) - I loved the pink and the grey, and had mixed feelings about the beige, but ended up striping the neutrals together and using the pink as an accent on a pair of gloves. Find Love Out Loud on Ravelry - because the world needs a little more love, especially out where others can see it.

Purchased yarn became a lesson in short rows (a technique that I'm unfamiliar with) in the form of a gorgeous scarf/shawl/wrap/thing by Stephen West. I had a lot of fun with Dotted Rays, and I also have a better understanding of short rows now. While I don't generally choose such vibrantly multi-colored yarn, this made me squeak aloud when I saw it, so I figured it was meant to be. (It was - I love it.)

I also got a few balls of Ewe Ewe Wooly Worsted (an awesome yarn, all around) to make a pair of bears for my niece and her due-in-January sister. Because I will take any chance to knit adorable matching bears from an old British pattern.

Now I'm trying to wrap up a remix of Grace-Filled before the end of the month - there's a Project Peace knit a long starting on December first that I'd like to have my needles free for!

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