Thursday, November 3, 2016

All Things New

You know you've got a good project when you get places early just to have time to knit a few rows in the parking lot.

Thirty One Days of Everyday Beautiful is complete and I'm free to take pictures of whatever I please (color week was hard, y'all) so let's start with knitting (my favorite!) I realized while talking to a friend that I haven't learned anything knitty in a long time (the recent commissioned intarsia vintage Christmas stocking could count, I suppose, but came after that discussion) - small persons have inhibited my ability to go to classes and gatherings, so I settled on a technique (short rows), and a pattern (Dotted Rays), and found a yarn that made me squeak on the yarn crawl a couple of weeks ago. So far it's proven delightful.

The princess and her knight at a pumpkin patch last weekend.

So much change is in the air - in a few days, my military Bear leaves on deployment and I'll be left with two Littles. Maybe a new project was a way of processing that - sand running out of a broken hourglass, never to be retrieved, a growing pile marked by ever lengthening rows.

Notes from Sunday's sermon on a model of service.

Not that there haven't been plenty of people (friends and family alike) who've offered to help, and whose help I hope to accept ("hope" because I'm too independent for my own good - I'm setting myself a goal of asking for help at least once a week. I don't doubt I'll need it that often, it's just getting myself to admit it that's the problem...)

So I've set up a soul-satisfying to-do list for the coming month; knitting (for myself and for others), a few books to read, drink down my tea stash, take more baths, form a habit of being in the Word regularly (God-incidentally, another round of #30daysofbiblelettering started Tuesday and someone I follow on Instagram posted about it)... good things and new habits that I hope will aid in my resolution to turn to the Comforter before seeking lesser comforts.

The leaves are turning and falling, and cooler temperatures are (finally) forecast for tomorrow - fall is spinning on and winter is approaching, but I plan to face it wrapped snugly in my new scarf (once finished), spirit warmed by the prayers and care of loved ones.

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