Tuesday, November 29, 2016

52 Lists: your accomplishments

For me, the best place for a fresh start or to begin a new project is on my birthday - the beginning of my year. So the year I was 21, I did a photo a day project (that ended up including an internship in Cleveland, meeting/dating my now-husband Adam, and going to New York to work for Vogue Knitting - so I'm retrospectively glad that I committed to documenting that particular year!), and the year I was 24, I knitted the sky (one row on a scarf each day in the color of the sky). So for 27, I'm doing lists. I'm going to roughly follow along with the book The 52 Lists Project.

Right. So, anything I've ever done that might be classified as an "accomplishment" was only done because others helped me. I cannot in good conscience list off those things without recognizing the people behind them, so here's my Oscar speech...

A list of my accomplishments knitters (and muggles) I'd like to thank...

...all the knitters of Hand Held, who welcomed and taught (and employed) me so graciously
...the Fayetteville Public Library, who permitted a teen knitting club to continue despite the fact that very few people came (but it meant so much to those few)
...Shannon Okey, who took two interns instead of one, writes amazing letters of recommendation, and continues to encourage
...the editors and staff at SOHO Publishing, who hired the least qualified applicant (in my opinion) and then made sure I got to experience all sorts of wonderful things outside my job description
...my parents, who encouraged me to pursue a crazy dream
...the yarn rep who let me ride with her to a the fiber arts trade show
...and the show organizer who put me up on her couch and fed me pizza once we got there, despite never having seen me before
...my Bear, for squishing yarn, listening to monologues, enduring big projects with tight deadlines, taking great pictures, and enthusiastically making new acquaintances think that what I do is a lot cooler than it probably really is
...those who have invited me to teach them how to knit, through the process teaching me
...and my ever-patient Littles, who comment on the beauty of yarn, search for dropped stitches, and make excellent tiny models

There are others - not forgotten, but unlisted for the sake of brevity. And that's just the knitting stuff - there are so many people who have played a huge role in my life! No matter how independent we try or want to be or think we are, everything we've done we owe to others, directly or indirectly.

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