Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Verdant {Everyday Beautiful}

My hand me down Hen and Chicks is flourishing despite my neglect - infrequent watering simulates its natural desert habitat, right?

Beauty underfoot - our doormat unexpectedly sprouted. I'm curious to see what it will grow into...

Hopefully awaited growth - we potted this "mandrake" at the Harry Potter Science event at the Museum of Discovery last weekend, and we've kept Arnold well-watered as we watched for hair.

I've finally used enough cards to have some wiggle room in my card box - so the solution is, of course, to restuff it. Found some lovely Kodachrome notes at Moxy Modern Mercantile today!

First local, then fair trade - my two favorite things! My earrings of the month came today - I'm really struggling with whether to put these in the Christmas box or keep them for myself!

This post is day 19 in my 31 Days series, 31 Days of Everyday Beautiful - for an introduction and more posts, head here.

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