Friday, October 7, 2016

Test... {Everyday Beautiful}

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I hate waiting. All of the uncertainty, all of that unclaimed time... shudder. I tend to view waiting as a sort of test - an unnamed lesson that must be learned before I can move forward. But a few weekends ago I was able to attend a silent prayer retreat that our church put on, and I learned something about waiting. 

A 15 passenger van full of ladies drove about an hour out of the city to a retreat center in the middle of the woods - we spent the evening hanging out, but the next morning from getting-up to lunchtime, we weren't allowed to speak. We were sent forth into the woods with our Bibles and journals, to meet with God.

Every path I went down was strewn with spider webs. Because God often speaks to me through animals, I got the picture on the 8th one I nearly walked through and started intentionally following the spiders. They led me to a tree that was bent into a perfect bench. I sat down, opened my journal, and asked myself, what do spiders do? The answer came almost immediately. They wait. But they don't just sit around doing nothing (which is really my flawed definition of waiting) - every morning they get up and build a new web. They stay close to see if anything gets caught. And if nothing flies into it, they rebuild in a new place the next day.

So when my waiting feels empty, maybe it's not a test that I'm failing, but simply that I'm waiting in the wrong place, whether that's geographically, spiritually, mentally, or emotionally. Am I actually rebuilding my web daily, or am I wondering why my torn and tattered prayer life isn't catching anything? And am I staying close to God, reading His Word, and listening for His voice to provide the answer I'm waiting for?

I've always thought spider webs were beautiful - but now that they remind me of a comforting lesson on The Right Way to Wait, I find them doubly so.

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BARBIE said...

Such a creative take on the word test. I am your neighbor today at the FMF link up! Have a blessed day.

Tara Ulrich said...

I'm not a good waiter either!

Andrew said...

Great post, Sarah. Waiting is one of the few things at which I comes from long training in Soto Zen Buddhism, and further training as a long rifleman (I hate the word 'sniper').

Somewhere along the line, just waiting (in unpleasant surroundings, such as a sewage-filled ditch in a country I won't name) I realized that simply being present in the moment is all that's needed. No future, no past, just now.

(Why a sewage-filled ditch? Because that's the last place people would loo to find me!)

#2 at FMF this week.

Patricia said...

Kudos to you for learning from spiders! They creep me out so badly that I'm afraid I would've never found a lesson from them. Thanks for the new perspective!

Cheryl Simpson said...

Great lesson from a spider. I don't think I will look at a web the same again. (Although running into a web will still give me the creeps.)

I am a learning-not-to-be procrastinator and an impatient wait-er. Odd combination? Or are there others out there like me?

In learning from the spider, the reason to not procrastinate is be prepared for the moment to "catch" and, if necessary, to redirect my efforts. Putting-off makes for a poorly made web.

Waiting and unprepared is a waste.

I like your fresh look on waiting.