Saturday, October 15, 2016

Remedy {Everyday Beautiful}

When Remedy Road followed me on Instagram a few months ago, I was immediately intrigued by the name and went to check out their feed. Turns out they're a brick-and-mortar shop in Bentonville, Arkansas, dedicated to fair trade companies that give back, either by their choice of artisan or with a one-for-one model. Yes, please!

I've been liking practically everything they post and anxiously waiting for a chance to visit the store in person, which finally happened last weekend - and I was not disappointed.

The shop itself is a delight - even the things that weren't my "style" were amazingly aesthetically pleasing. I felt warmly welcomed from the moment I stepped in the door (augmented by both the shop girl's affable greeting and the cold front that was blustering down the street outside).

Brave (and on a budget) I only succumbed to two items - a BelJoy bracelet (it was a hard choice between this one, made in Haiti, and a Shine Project one that they'd posted awhile back)...

...and a Matr Boomie bell that I'm going to put in one of the trees in the backyard. Redeeming consumerism is one of my very favorite things, and Remedy Road is doing it beautifully - I highly recommend the shop if you're in the area, and if not, you can shop online here.

This post is day 15 in my 31 Days series, 31 Days of Everyday Beautiful - for an introduction and more posts, head here.

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