Saturday, October 29, 2016

Raveling {Everyday Beautiful}

part three of three

More knitting. But really, it's such an exemplary example of community done right! So, I've talked about knitters gathering, and the legacy of knitting - today, knitting across the miles. There's a spectacular community for fiber folk called Ravelry (imagine Facebook, for knitters, without all the hateful comments), and it's made a tremendous impact on me.

Groups (for every interest: tea-drinkers, journalers, 20-somethings, and Harry Potter fans are a few I've been a part of) and knit-alongs (a group of people working on the same project simultaneously) on Ravelry have gotten me through dark and otherwise friendless times, knowing that I had a place to take my questions (knitting related or not) where I would be welcomed and encouraged.

Knit-alongs are one of my favorite group knitting activities, and they're made so much easier by a digital age - I can knit along with ladies from my local shop, with a group of knitters from all over the world through Ravelry, or just tackle a new technique with an out-of-state friend and text each other project update photos, advice, and encouragement.

With Adam leaving on deployment next week, I found myself on Ravelry, updating my current projects, filling in details and missing photos, and checking in with groups I haven't had time to interact with in a long time - and realizing how much I've missed this beautiful community of makers and carers and givers and sharers.

This post is day 29 in my 31 Days series, 31 Days of Everyday Beautiful - for an introduction and more posts, head here.

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