Thursday, October 20, 2016

Ocean {Everyday Beautiful}

Three beautiful things: a wild-and-free mug by Little Inklings, a Johanna Basford coloring-planner, and whoever invented colored pencils. I'm reminded of of Sarah in Patricia MacLachlan's book Sarah Plain and Tall, going into town to get blue and grey and green pencils, the colors of the sea she missed.

My soundtrack for the day was provided by this adorable duo - Brooklyn worked the backbeats and Tobin danced to the tune they created together.

My Fair Trade Friday bracelet of the month came today - Haitian made! You should check out 2nd Story Goods - an awesome company with awesome products! (It says "live wrecked" which is ironic and fitting given the chapter I just read, in a Priscilla Shirer book, about letting our hearts be broken toward the needy)

This post is day 20 in my 31 Days series, 31 Days of Everyday Beautiful - for an introduction and more posts, head here.

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