Saturday, October 1, 2016

31 Days of Everyday Beautiful

It's October, and that means the 31 Days writing challenge! Last year I did 31 Days of Sustainable Dwelling, and the year before that I did 7 for 31 - I honestly considered not participating this year, since Adam is leaving on a deployment next month, but he'll be gone a lot doing "mob[ilization] prep" and I thrive on routines, so this seemed like it might help.

I am going to be a lot less... formal? involved? something? this year - I'm simply challenging myself to seek beauty every day. That may just be a photo, a quote, a song - or a longer post if I have more to say. Grace. Lots of grace.

So, I hope you'll join me on my journey this month - I'll be updating this post with a link to each day's post, so you can catch up here (or follow along by signing up for emails in the sidebar, or on Bloglovin').

     Milky Way
     An Eye for Beauty
     52 Lists: things that make you feel peaceful
     When You Need a Little Love
     Something Wild
Artists and Artisans:
     Created to Create 
     Attention to Detail
     52 Lists: favorite meals and treats

     52 Lists: words that warm your spirit


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