Thursday, September 8, 2016

Just Add Color

Part of the fun of having a house is the ability to paint - and Adam and I both love color. He's given me carte blanche in choosing colors and painting walls, and I took advantage of that last month. He was gone for several weeks, so that gave me free evenings to work on projects.

First I took the free-gallon-of-paint postcard that a local paint store had sent and settled on a lovely shade of turquoisey blue, for an accent wall in the living room. Another step taken toward making the living area of our home into a full rainbow! Next I'm painting the second window frame purple (there's a window just like the green one on the other side of the room) and the kitchen window frame pink.

Then Mum gave me the rest of a quart of chalkboard paint she had and I used it on the door in our kitchen that leads into the garage. It was all grimy and fingerprinty (from being taken off repeatedly in order to fit appliances in) and looks much better now, except that every time I walk by I think the door is open.

We got a little magnetic locker basket to stick on the fridge for storing chalk, and Brooklyn and Tobin have been deeply enjoying having a big place to draw whenever they want to - and I like being able to do things in the kitchen unmolested.

Since I still had time, chalkboard paint, and over half of the gallon of "alchemist" that I used on the dining area wall, I went ahead and did an accent wall in our bedroom, as well. It ended up being almost exactly the same as one of the colors in our comforter, and it makes the headboard that I knitted stand out nicely. I chalkboard painted a couple of cheap canvases and wrote on them with a chalk paint pen (which ended up being a good thing, because I initially wrote "handsome" too big and ran out of space before I got to the end of the word), then waved a can of leftover gold spray paint at them from several feet away for sparkle.

For a month's worth of projects and several rooms refreshed, I spent less than $50 (for the canvases, a lamp, chalk, and the magnetic basket) and feel like it was money (and time) well invested.

While I wait for the soreness to go away (I may have overdone it a little...) I'm adding color to the white pages of a new planner and the pretty coloring-in Bible that Adam got me. It's a good way to test out color combinations, besides being very cathartic.

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