Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Three is a Magic Number

Brooklyn turned three on Sunday. We had her party the day before, and it was great fun seeing her actually engage and enjoy it - I remember my third birthday, and I think she'll remember hers. She got to choose her cupcake frosting color, and succeeded in blowing out her (adorable beeswax) candles in two puffs.

The three sets of grandparents and two sets of great-grandparents also got to interact with her more this year - she was excited about opening presents, and spent less time edging her way around the room than she has in the past, even at Tobin's birthday in December.

She is such a little person - having conversations and moving about through her day. She likes to help with dinner, bringing her little stool into the kitchen and pouring a cupful of noodles into the water when it boils, then putting the cup away. 

She was so excited about a couple of Hello Kitty things she got for her birthday that I dug out a plastic mug shaped like Hello Kitty's head that I had and I've been letting her drink her almond milk out of it in the mornings. She's very proud of the privilege and has used it well.

A transition that's going a little less smoothly is moving her into a bed and out of her crib. She loves it - but there's a lot of furtive "in and out and in and out and in and out" (as she says) that sometimes results in things being mistreated when she's supposed to be napping. But it's a new thing and new things can be hard, and I'm confident she'll adjust quickly.

She earned a prize through our library's summer reading club this week, and chose a new book over a toy from the treasure chest. She and Tobin have both been enjoying her selection - and I've been enjoying reading a book that I don't have memorized (yet). 

Side note: I really appreciate how this particular opposites book depicts the main character child interacting with each object, for scale, instead of showing a photograph of a ship next to a photograph of a kayak and expecting a toddler to somehow infer that one is bigger. Moving on...

It's hard being the older sibling - Brooklyn ends up sharing almost everything with Tobin, but she's very graceful about it. She does try so hard to include him in what she does, until he gets too grabby and then she backs off. Overall, she's a sweet sister - and my favorite three year old.

2764. Brooklyn's concern for others' disappointment
2765. An afternoon chat with Cathy
2766. Adam helping me sand down the coffee table, and going for more paint when I ran out
2767. Finding everything we needed while erranding
2768. Getting the whole house cleaned and ready for Brooklyn's birthday party the next day
2769. and time after to Jamberry my nails while listening to a podcast
2770. A raspberry mocha and an hour of journaling at Mugs
2771. Perfectly purple cupcakes, and Brooklyn gracefully accepting all of the attention
2772. All of Adam's hard work of cooking, and cleaning up after
2773. 3 years with Brooklyn
2774. Mending and piece-making
2775. The sewer line clogging after I rinsed the shampoo out of my hair
2776. Moving Brooklyn to a big girl bed
2777. Plumbers who could come today, and who fixed the problem quickly (and without needing a backhoe)
2778. Errands all together and Icees on the way home

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