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Slice of Life

Spring is moving along into Summer, and our house is moving along into a home. After it stopped raining last week, the temperature shot up, so our outings have been happening in the early part of the morning and our afternoons have involved lots of popsicles.

We did join the library's summer reading program. I always loved those growing up - not that I needed any kind of incentive to read, but it was fun to be recognized for the reading that I did normally. And once I aged out, I started volunteering at the summer events. I love the library - free access to books and movies and audiobooks, and awesome programs (because where else could you marble paper and make your own magnetic poetry set?)

Last week I won tickets to the Vintage Market Days vintage/craft fair at the state fair grounds, so we-three packed up and went on an adventure. It was very well organized, and although most of it was not my style, I did find a few things for our home (and succumb to some sugar-roasted pecans, because they just smell. so. good!)

It's fun to figure out ways to include Brooklyn and Tobin on outings like that. I ended up wearing Tobin and putting Brooklyn in our pop-up wagon, then holding the hand behind me, so we moved along like a tiny train. Tobin was happy to look around at everyone and everything, and Brooklyn guarded my purse and purchases, getting my wallet in and out of my bag when I asked.

It's hard to believe that she's almost three - and then, at times, it's not. We've been getting ready for her birthday party this weekend. She got to choose the color of frosting on her cupcakes this year (a first) - she requested light purple, and has been explaining to Tobin that people will come, and there will be candles, and they'll sing Happy Birthday, and then everyone will have purple cupcakes, "and you can have one, too, T!"

It's been a good motivator for me to finish putting things away and getting things fixed up. I've developed a workable routine for keeping the floor clean (hard floors are horrifyingly revealing - did we really always produce that much filth every day?), I put up some art in the living room (no more giant bare walls!), and I painted a chair, since we'll need all the seats I can muster - and then, because spray paint is magical, I also painted our coffee table. Photos to come!

Adam has next week off, and we're kicking that time off with her party - and then who knows what shenanigans we'll get up to!

2743. Fitting a bedside table into my tiny car
2744. A food truck rally for dinner
2745. The umbrella that lives in my car
2746. Winning tickets to Vintage Market Days
2747. Finding things that we can use, and not buying anything I liked but didn't love
2748. Sugar roasted pecans
2749. Adam home
2750. A cashier opening a lane for us at Kroger to speed our exit, since Tobin was having a meltdown
2751. A hot bath with a new-to-me book
2752. Church
2753. A quiet afternoon and a short nap
2754. Brooklyn's delight over a pair of cheap sunglasses
2755. Starting my day with a "pause" on the deck
2756. Adam leaving a candy bar in the fridge for me, while we-three were out grocery shopping
2757. Mama Robin deciding I wasn't a threat and coming back to sit on her nest while I knitted
2758. Walking to the library for fresh books
2759. Butternut squash soup
2760. Brooklyn picking a flower on our walk and carefully carrying it home
2761. A whole jammy day at home
2762. Spray painting a chair, to make it match the others in our "collection"
2763. Adam noticing and fixing the flat tire on my car


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