Friday, June 24, 2016


It's been a busy while. There's been a lot of good busy - moving into a new house, Adam having a week off, a quick trip to Dallas, Brooklyn's birthday party, hosting a friend and her family overnight - and there's been draining busy - Adam being gone for three weeks, early mornings because of various appointments, a day at the ER with Brooklyn because of a swallowed coin, Ant Wars, plumbing problems - but it all finally caught up to me a few days ago.

I recognized the symptoms from having seen them before: lack of motivation, weirdly vivid dreams, struggling to hang onto a thought, and a vague sore throat. Time for some rest.

So this morning we walked to the library and I let someone else read to my Littles for half an hour (they did pretty good for their first story time), and got a book for myself. This afternoon I made a pot of tea and sat down with it and my book under a cozy quilt (more for psychological comfort than physical warmth's sake) and read the entire book while Brooklyn and Tobin napped.

As an introvert, rest is something that comes fairly naturally - I tend toward quiet and stillness and contemplation. So it's a double relief when I get those things after a long, involuntary fast. Even with only one night of going to bed not-late and one morning of getting up not-early, and my short afternoon respite, I'm feeling more refreshed. It reminded me of the value of Sabbath, of laying aside my desire to play god, and recognizing His provision by honoring rest.

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Andrew said...

Beautifully said, Sarah.

Rest has never come easy to me, but I'm learning to tolerate it, because the reserve of energy I have is dwindling. It's a lesson, though this is sure a hard way to learn it!

#2 at FMF this week.

Summer Floyd said...

That sounds like a lovely afternoon. I always associate rest to quilts :)
I have those I need rests signs too. My usual vivid memory gets blurry and I start finding things I have put in the wrong places.
A few years ago I got to study the sabbath and really saw it as a gift for the first time. I want to view it as a gift again. Thanks for the reminder

Susan Shipe said...

Honoring rest. Absolutely because busy-ness becomes a idol in our lives. Well, we all know about idols. Amen? #16 FMF

Brooke Hamlin said...

As a new mom, I am just beginning to understand how incredibly hectic life can become without even adding anything to the schedule. I am so glad you got an afternoon to recharge. :) You need it! :)

Emma Hughes said...

That is an interesting insight about unusually vivid dreams- I never connected that before but it does make sense! Glad you are feeling more in equilibrium again (#62 this week) xx