Thursday, June 23, 2016

Reading and Writing

I've developed an aversion to "naked" envelopes - I like to give a preview of (what I hope is) the delight awaiting inside

We went to story time at the library for the first time this week. Brooklyn did better than I expected, although she was a little more chummy than convention dictates.

I love projects. It's been all I could do to keep from starting this when I got it a month ago, but I knew it would be worth waiting on.

Tobin has recently begun to be more interested in books. He'll bring one to me, "book," then sit down and pat the floor, "sit," and wait anxiously for me to read aloud.

Even with the weather getting hotter, I still have a psychological need to pair writing with a cup of tea.

2779. Tobin waking me at 4:30 - giving me plenty of time to eat breakfast and have a quiet time before
2780. the weekday prayer group at church
2781. Walking to the library all-four-together, and Brooklyn choosing a book as her prize
2782. Roadtripping to Dallas and staying with my aunt and uncle
2783. Going to yoga and dinner after with my aunt
2784. Brooklyn agreeing to sleep on two armchairs pushed together
2785. Riding the train downtown, and my uncle meeting us at the stop to walk us to
2786. the aquarium, Brooklyn feeding a baby toucan a blueberry
2787. Tobin's delight over a friendly ground owl
2788. A quiet jammy morning at home
2789. A chocolate-dipped strawberry popsicle from Le Pops
2790. An afternoon all-four-together
2791. Purple hair
2792. Taking Tobin on a Target run, while Adam caulked the buggy places
2793. Repotting succulents into citrus dip bowls
2794. Church all-four-together
2795. Tobin giving kisses
2796. Breakfast for dinner
2797. The way books and projects gather together to form a point
2798. Tiny meringue cookies
2799. A bat, flying across the moon
2800! A new pediatrician, who makes eye contact, listens, and reasons beyond the charts and curves
2801. Out-of-town friends spending the night on their way through town
2802. Writing snail mail letters

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