Thursday, May 12, 2016

Motion and Progress

Some people focus on the journey - others, the destination. I'm a journey girl, myself. I will not only stop and smell the roses, I will also take a picture and sit down on the ground to write a poem about them (yes, trying to go on a walk with me is like going on a walk with a three year old). But both of those, journey and destination, imply motion - after the roses have been enjoyed to their fullest extent, I'd like to continue on down the path.

Then, during IF:Gathering, I had a vision of sorts (I say "of sorts" because while I do not doubt that such things happen to others, nor do I discount them when they do, I personally prefer to keep my feet planted firmly on the sandy shore of quantifiable reality, rather than dipping my toes into the ocean of everything-I-don't-know-or-understand). It started at the top of a hill, overlooking a fertile valley. The grass was long and soft and plentifully sprinkled with wild flowers, and a river curved and coiled down below. I ran like a child, running my hands along the top of the grass, feeling the wind on my face and my skirt swishing softly against my legs.

There was a sense of freedom - no paths marred the vast field, simply an open haven that stretched in every direction. And there was an invitation - an invitation to step off the path and enjoy the valley for awhile. Not the "valley of the shadow," but the one with green pastures and still waters, that restores the soul. A place to stop rolling and maybe even to gather a little moss.

That idea is alternately restful and horrifying, as I wrestle through the difference between motion and progress. My activist nature embraces motion, sometimes without pausing to distinguish whether motion is, in fact, necessary or beneficial - but my inner introvert is perfectly happy to make another cup of tea to drink while unpacking another box, marking progress sip by sip.

2675. A (successful) quest for cute cabinet knobs
2676. The previous home owners leaving us a variety of paint, some of which works perfectly for my project 
2677. Brooklyn sweetly suggesting that we go to Green Corner Store for ice cream
2678. All the wonderful things a box can be
2679. Painting the front door "Fiji" blue
2680. Sitting on a curb with Brooklyn at a food truck rally, eating tacos

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