Friday, May 6, 2016


Some people hate apartments, viewing them as a transitional landing place before a more permanent stop. I am not one of those people. An apartment is the only place where I can live on the second (or higher) floor but only deal with stairs when I leave home (I do love being up high) and maintenance will come and take care of malfunctioning appliances for me (to name a few examples).

I also tend to settle in wherever I am, and if that's an apartment, so be it. There are negatives to every space (awkward floor plans, insufficient cabinetry, loud neighbors...) but there is also always something to love (a nest-like balcony, thick cushy carpet, deep kitchen sinks...)

For the past five years, I've lived in shared spaces - but now we're moving into a house. While I'm deeply grateful for the transition (a backyard for Brooklyn and Tobin to play in, clattering around in the kitchen and doing laundry late at night without worrying about the noise...), I'll definitely miss our apartment. It was home for over two years - it sheltered us well and holds a lot of memories (Brooklyn and Tobin both learned to walk there...) Right now I'm in-between - mourning what we're leaving behind while celebrating the adventure that lies ahead.

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Hannatu said...

I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who posted well past Friday! :) Moving is always hard and any place, no matter how small or humble, is hard to leave. If you've been happy there, made memories, survived tough times, then part of your heart is there. Good luck with all the packing (and keeping toddlers out of the boxes!) and moving. God bless.