Tuesday, May 24, 2016

In Progress

The full weight of possibility that a house carries has slowly begun to sink in. I realized last week that I can paint, so I went to Lowes and found a magnificent shade of yellowy green called "alchemist" (which is how I knew it was the right color) and painted an accent wall in the dining area. It's the color of the little spore shoots moss sends up, and I'd like to find a giant paper lantern in a recently-rained-on mossy green to replace the somewhat boring light fixture that currently hangs over the table.

I'm discovering that I love color. There are a few that are particular favorites, but simply being surrounded by lots of colors brings me joy. Flirty pinks - passionate reds - confident oranges - sassy yellows - earthy greens - calm blues - elegant purples... They all have a place and purpose (not to mention the possibility of accenting with metallics ;)

With that said, I am over unpacking. Decorating is fun - putting things away is okay, while I'm still doing the things with defined purposes and clear spaces - but now I'm down to the things that we never unpacked after our last move and I'm running out of space. I got everything condensed down to a corner of the garage (and fit my car in!) but in the process I found several huge [dead] spiders that really concerned me. I should probably empty the remaining boxes quickly - if I open something and find one of those in it, alive, it's going straight to the curb.

2702. Mum coming to visit
2703. Being able to get everything I needed at one grocery store
2704. Drinking tea and discussing gallery walls
2705. Help taking down a TV wall mount, which turned into somewhat of a production and would have been disastrous had I tried it alone
2706. Finding out where the ants are coming from
2707. Having the perfect picture for an engineer print (yay for inexpensive, personal, giant art!)
2708. One more week until Adam comes home
2709. That Local Lime does carry out (that may turn out to be a dangerous discovery, but it was really morale-boosting in the moment)
2710. Finding the printer cord (and making Brooklyn's birthday invitations!)
2711. An excellent sermon
2712. Grocery shopping with no tears or trauma
2713. A quiet afternoon
2714. A jammy morning
2715. Space to write
2716. Escaping the back yard after the gate latched behind me

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