Thursday, May 12, 2016


I'm more of a goer than a grower. While Adam has been plotting mowing and weeding and sod, I've been organizing books by the author's country of origin and painting All The Things, and going on lots of errands and adventures ('tis the season for food truck rallies!).

It's my tendency to think that moving forward is the path to improvement, but lately I've been realizing that in order to put down roots, I have to hold still for awhile. The tiny rootlets a seedling produces are wispy at first, and won't ever get bigger, deeper, or stronger if they keep getting broken off during repeated transplants.

So I'm learning to be still - mentally, and physically. The anxiety that causes tells me that I've developed a sort of addiction to always going, always moving - but I know that a deeper peace lies on the other side of the cleanse, along with deeper roots. And a momentary cessation of motion is not the end of progress. I can still "look at God all day and lift my leafy arms to pray" while allowing the moss to grow.

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Susan Shipe said...

Stunning words. And, I know so many (including me) who need to slow down. FMF #13 on the 13th!

Christina Hubbard - Creative and Free said...

I'm thinking about how I'd love to watch moss grow now. That sounds like heaven actually. Slow growth is good stuff. Steady and deep. I'm in spot #45. Thanks for your words!

thisiskatha said...

I can relate! I've been moving around so much and only lately I've discovered it might be good to slow down a little. We miss out on so many things when we only rush by.
Hope you're brave enough to set down roots and discover the beauty around you!