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Fairy Farm

I've been slowly unpacking and getting things put together this week (slowly in part because Adam is out of town, and in part because I am done with packing, but the packing isn't done). I'm also trying not to rush things - to take my time and get things exactly how I'd like them. I bought myself the Nester's Cozy Minimalist course and I've really been enjoying working through that (although, it's also slowed me down a little, because she says to do rugs and curtains before art because you may find that you need less art).

I've also discovered (or perhaps remembered) how much I love painting. Adam's mom gave us a cabinet that was her dad's - it's good, sturdy wood with laminate over, cute plastic "glass" panels, and darling mid-century legs on the bottom part - and the perfect place for all of our board games. I found some paint/primer in the garage that the previous homeowners left for us (that turned out to be a sample of what they painted the walls with) and painted the two pieces, used leftover paint from the front door to break up the expanse of the bottom doors, and finally had an excuse to get knobs at Anthropologie (every time I go in there - which is not often - I see the cute knobs but I've never needed any until now). I couldn't decide so I got two different ones - the bottom ones are crackled pottery that made me squeak aloud, and the top ones dangle adorably. My next painting project is an accent wall - pictures soon!

Since all of her clothes are in her dresser, I made Brooklyn's closet into a book nook (which is something that I always wanted as a kid). She was very pleased with it - the bottom shelf is stocked with board and picture books, the upper shelves with books saved from own childhood (the Anne of Green Gables books, all things horse by Marguerite Henry, all things dog by Jim Kjelgaard) that she can read once she learns to read on her own. Every so often she'll be playing the living room and say "I'll be right back, I just need to be in my book nook," and disappear for a little while.

It aligns well with our house philosophy. We haven't gotten around to writing a purpose statement yet (although, we plan to) but we do have a tagline of sorts, which has been a great filter even for decorating: cultivate wonder. That's our goal for ourselves and for everyone who walks through our door - to experience the wonder of God's grace and love and generosity and beauty. In keeping with that, the house has also been named (I hereby issue an apology to anyone I've ever mentally criticized for naming their home) - Fairy Farm. Let this be where magic happens, and adventure lurks around every corner!

2681. Loblolly for all at a nearby food truck rally (Adam's idea! I'm rubbing off!)
2682. Him putting together a dear little cabinet for our mugs
2683. Sitting at my desk and writing (I got it cleared off and organized)
2684. UPS leaving a package by the garage when I didn't get to the door in time, instead of just leaving a note
2685. Painting cabinets
2686. Listing gifts in a pretty chair under a fuzzy blanket
2687. A gorgeous day to spend at the zoo
2688. The way that Brooklyn says "capybara" (correctly and beautifully, in her little voice)
2689. Spending a few hours visiting with a friend from Fayetteville
2690. Going to church (I've really missed being there the past few weeks!)
2691. Painting and listening to podcasts
2692. Brooklyn liking fruit-and-veggie popsicles
2693. Everyone waking up happy
2694. Turning Brooklyn's closet into a book nook
2695. Tobin sitting in my lap and having me read him an animal alphabet book over and over and over


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