Monday, May 2, 2016

After the Rain

...the rainbow!

she wanted to drive the car - Tobin wanted to fill the gas tank with pebbles

I have deeply enjoyed the 30 day lettering challenge on Instagram - it was good practice, besides being fun

roadtrip knitting - this will be the first design that I get to photograph at our new house!

celebrating a morning of closing paperwork with a trip to the zoo - everyone's being very serious about the rhinoceros

sometimes the wild flowers are the prettiest

an Onyx date night with Adam, while we spent the weekend in Fayetteville helping his brother move

2639. Closing on our first house
2640. Spending a morning at the zoo, all-four-together
2641. A fancy grilled cheese with avocado at Dempsey Bakery
2642. Robin eggs
2643. A military friend of Adam's loaning us his enclosed trailer
2644. Thunderstorms with a cup of tea
2645. Farmer's marketing with Mum, and Brooklyn's delight over a raspberry macaron from Alchemy
2646. Generous family
2647. A coffee date with Adam
2648. Delicious gluten-free Asian dumplings
2649. Brooklyn sharing her snack with Tobin
2650. An amicable journey

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