Tuesday, May 10, 2016


Over the weekend, Adam got everything moved (bless him!) and we've spent the past few days getting things into their proper places.

A friend from church came over and put the kitchen together for us (words cannot express how meaningful that was) and we've got most of the major furniture in place. There are a few things on their way, and a few things that need a coat of paint, but it's coming together nicely, given how little time we've actually spent working on it.

It's always an adventure settling in to a new space - figuring out how far to turn the shower knob in order to get just the right temperature, remembering where we put things, and readjusting to life without a microwave (it's crazy how quickly you get used to the convenience of irradiated left overs...)

I found a snail living in the little patch of yard that Mum gave us, when I went to take it into the back yard. I hope we can get settled in just as quickly, and start turning this house into a home!

2651. A recovery morning
2652. Last night's storm not hurting the freshly-painted shelves I left on the balcony to dry
2653. Going to the house all together and praying over it
2654. One last Gathering
2655. Sweet childcare ladies helping Brooklyn and Tobin (and the other kids) make Mother's Day cards
2656. Going to Be Still and Know
2657. Fitting a 7x10 foot rug into my tiny car
2658. The extremely kind Target employee who helped with my unwieldy cart full of stuff because my arms were full of Tobin
2659. May the fourth (be with you) icecream at Loblolly
2660. A Tacos 4 Life with a drive thru on our route to Fayetteville
2661. Saying goodbye to the apartment
2662. Brooklyn blowing bubbles against the glass from outside while Tobin giggled delightedly inside
2663. Knitting and talking outside with a friend
2664. Returning a robin fledgling to its nest
2665. Adam's dedication in getting everything moved
2666. Going to the Little Craft Show with Morgan (and Tobin)
2667. while Brooklyn spent the morning at the park with Adam's parents
2668. Tacos, macarons, coffee, and talking
2669. A restorative, worshipful journey home (the worst part about traveling on Sundays is missing church)
2670. That "home" is house now, and not an apartment
2671. My parents coming and taking us out to dinner (everyone was exhausted and none of the kitchen stuff was unpacked)
2672. Everyone sleeping well, despite the transition
2673. Adam getting part of the day off
2674. Vicky coming over and unpacking/putting together out kitchen (huge gift!)

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