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The packing has begun. So far I've amassed a huge amount of baby things (outgrown clothes, toys that are no longer played with, and some strollers/bouncy saucers) that need to be donated (I still have all of both of their clothes - I'm not sentimentally attached to all of them, and it seems wasteful to keep them and hope a third Baby Burch is the same gender born in the same season) and all I've packed is books. Everything in that picture is books, I added twelve more brown-paper-bag-bales of them today, and there are still books to pack. Besides a few baskets of knitting things (which are essentially already packed - the advantage to an across-town move) and the clothes, toys, and dishes we use daily, I'm discovering that that's really all there is to pack.

Since the shelves at home are slowly emptying and the weather has been nice, we've been going on adventure outings. Our favorite food truck was at a rally on Saturday, so we went there for lunch (with Littles, it's always nice to turn something necessary, like eating, into an adventure). We had to park over half a mile away so it turned into a hike, as well, but it was a beautiful day for a walk and a picnic. Brooklyn hung out in the wagon, Tobin sat on my jacket because he doesn't like grass (which had the positive side effect of me being able to eat in peace because he wouldn't cross the strip of grass between us), and we all enjoyed our tacos.

We've also visited the best (in our opinion) local ice cream shop several times. They always have vegan flavors (which means dairy free for those with allergies), their waffle cones are gluten-free and taste better than the "regular" ones, and they have reasonably priced reasonable portions sizes. Brooklyn's favorite is their chocolate (which is dairy free and amazing) but we always at least taste a new flavor every time we go.

And I introduced Brooklyn to popcicles with a Pure Sunshine (mango, banana, pineapple, orange) one from Le Pops. She enjoyed it, and I enjoyed listening to her say "potspickle" all afternoon.

Not all of our outings have been centered around food - we also made our way to the zoo for the first time this year. We stood and watched the gorillas for awhile, at Brooklyn's request, and visited the newly updated petting zoo. Everyone fed pygmy goats (I didn't give Tobin any food lest he eat it himself, but he held out his hand anyway and got gently lipped) and we all got a lot of sun (I need to rig an umbrella onto the wagon somehow...), but it was grand fun.

The forecast is showing rain for the rest of the week, so our adventures will have to be brought indoors for a little while. But time marches on, summer is coming - and it's amazing how much can be packed in the hour their naps overlap!

2569. Brooklyn and Tobin waking themselves up early (since we all needed to be up anyway)
2570. A yoga class at church
2571. Sleeping with the windows open
2572. $3 string lights from Target
2573. The adorable way Tobin does high fives
2574. Playing 20 Questions with Adam while he made dinner and I cleaned up the living room
2575. Breakfast from Mugs, since I was out of breakfast things
2576. Feeding pygmy goats at the zoo - everyone touched the goats, and everyone thought it was wonderful
2577. Naps for all (including me!)
2578. Getting Brooklyn's closet cleaned out (that's where I'm putting packed boxes, to be out of the way)
2579. and getting most of my books packed
2580. Neither of them being hurt when the cart rolled away (with Tobin in it and Brooklyn fleeing before it) while I was putting groceries in the car
2581. Taking Brooklyn and Tobin to a food truck rally while Adam was on a STEP hike
2582. The pop up wagon - it's light enough for me to drag around, and big enough to Brooklyn to have a picnic in
2583. Sitting up late knitting and watching Woodlawn with Adam
2584. Church all-four-together
2585. Adam getting creative with lunch
2586. An evening walk at the park
2587. Sitting next to the open back door with a cup of hot tea, feeling the cool breeze
2588. A stormy jammy day
2589. Tobin giving affirming touches


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