Thursday, April 28, 2016


Sometimes I take a pass on household tasks (like, um, packing) in order to spend a little solo time with the owner of these chubby legs while his sister naps. I may willingly give up something I'd rather not do anyway (cough*load the dishwasher*cough) or I may be sacrificing the solitary time I cherish, but I'm certainly getting something worthwhile in return.

Time passes, and someday those legs will be longer and leaner, and more apt to run away from the hugs and snuggles that they run toward right now. That's as it should be - I don't want my Littles to stay little forever, but I do want to cherish each point of the circle as it comes, not longing for the past or rushing ahead into the future.

I'd like to embrace every moment - the sweet hug moments, the "Mommy, I'm getting frustrated, I'm going to practice peace in my chair, okay?" moments, the reading books together moments, the throwing-food-on-the-floor moments (this too shall pass)... All of them add up to create this beautiful adventure called Life, and they're all important together (although, I will be grateful when Tobin comes to terms with baths...)

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Marisa said...

Such cute little legs!! It still shocks me that my kids were literally born yesterday and suddenly I have one in high school next year and one in grade 7!! How did that happen? I remember the elderly women in stores telling me when mine were freshly born to "cherish every moment because it doesn't last long" and thinking "you're right sleep doesn't last long" and now I know all too well how the dirt will be there tomorrow but the kids will be different.

Andrew said...

Lovely post, Sarah, and you did the nearly-impossible.

Brought tears to my eyes.

#1 FMF this week

Susan Shipe said...

Practice peace in the chair. LOVE THAT.

Rachelle Craig said...

I love this! And those cute little legs! Adorable!!!

Dayle ~ A Collection of Days said...

Household chores can wait, yes. Babies don't, and when they're over, they're over. Those are some precious little legs right there. I'm enjoying being a grandmother these days, but can well remember the joys and sighs of young parenting. Embrace them with all your might.

I found you at the 5-minute Friday challenge.