Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Moving Along

seizing a break between storms

With as much rain as we've had this past week (although, no flooding like Houston), you'd think I'd have gotten more packing done than I have, but so far this week's accomplishment has been cleaning out the Junk Drawer in the kitchen and packing it in a market bag, along with the collection of vases I had under the sink. (My excuse is that I'm out of boxes and haven't been by the liquor store yet to see if they'll give me any - that's tomorrow's quest).

mini golf at Big Rock Fun Park

Adam joined in the adventuring by planning a date night (our last one was on New Year's Day and while it was wonderful to sit in cushy recliners for two uninterrupted hours and watch the latest Star Wars movie together, there wasn't a lot of interaction). This time we played mini golf at a park that he's gone to several times with the little boy he mentors. It was fun having fun together - we stayed pretty close the entire time, never more than two strokes ahead/behind... and then I shot my lead by repeatedly missing the last hole at close range so we ended up tied. We decided it was just as well, and went for a walk down town for celebratory treats (a tie means you both win, right?)

an Inspire Bible

He gave me such a thoughtful early moving gift - a Bible with gorgeous edges, lined margins for note taking, and liberally distributed designs for coloring in. I had been wanting to read through the Bible again (when I was a kid, my family read a chapter aloud every night, so I went through it several times that way) but I wasn't sure which version to do - this one is New Living Translation, which is new to me, so I'm less likely to skim, and I'm doing one panel each day, which means a varying number of chapters (I'll be finished with Genesis in about two weeks). It was perfect timing on his part!

sitting outside the Green Corner Store, enjoying our Loblolly icecream

Our loan was (finally) properly approved today (pending the final inspection) and closing is set for next Thursday at 9am... so I really should probably wrap this up and do some actual packing (as opposed to wandering around the apartment, looking in drawers and bags and boxes and saying "well, this is practically packed anyway")!

2600! Waking up naturally (a refreshing change from being woken up by one or more persons crying/screeching/yelling)
2601. Brooklyn deciding that she and Tobin needed to practice peace, so I was able to shower
2602. Space and words to write
2603. Adam planning and orchestrating a date night
2604. Still having the two free mini golf tickets he entrusted to me (and then forgot about) - and tying our game
2605. Delicious handmade toffee and a walk down town to get it
2606. Taking Brooklyn and Tobin on an adventure while Adam studied for a class
2607. Eating our icecream outside
2608. It clouding up but not raining while we walked
2609. A jammy day
2610. Morgan's sweet encouragement
2611. Watching My Fair Lady with Adam

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