Friday, April 15, 2016


washing off our balcony

We're still set to close on the Probable House in less than two weeks, and I've discovered something. What have I discovered? That after spending months (months) complaining about how I was going to have to somehow pack while also looking after a toddler and a preschooler... there really isn't very much to pack.

repainting the shelves, since they were all scuffed, so they'll have time to cure before I put books back on them

I'm hoping to donate all of the baby things tomorrow... I've packed 20 (twenty) boxes of books (small boxes, but still) and that doesn't include Brooklyn and Tobin's or my knitting books (there aren't many of those, but most of them are large and heavy), and I've stalled. Almost everything else is already in a box, bin, bag, or drawer (which we're counting as "packed") and anything beyond that is stuff that's in daily use. There are some kitchen items I could pack, but I'm out of boxes (I'm planning on asking a nearby liquor store if I can have some of theirs - sturdy and a good size, and I have an aversion to paying for disposable packing materials, especially for an across-town move).

at a new-to-us food truck rally - Adam had barbecue, and Brooklyn and I ate our dessert before dinner

I hadn't realized how much I rely on my books to have something to do - they're entertainment and reference, all in one. I kept out a few that I'm currently going through for book clubs/projects/Bible studies and I'm getting the old Nancy Drew books from the library five at a time, but simply boxing them up and moving the empty shelves into a disused corner has driven me outside more. We've been to the library, the zoo, more than one food truck rally, and I'm strongly tempted to renew our Museum of Discovery membership, just to have another place to go.

I spotted #30DaysOfBibleLettering when a friend posted about it on Instagram - hand lettering a verse (either the prescribed one, or one of your choosing) every day in April. I've been chalking mine on the balcony.

Also, when I'm home, I feel an odd sort of anxiety crossed with guilt. Like I should be Doing Something, or maybe I'm forgetting and leaving something important undone, and I'm also wholly unmotivated to do ordinary daily things like picking up toys or loading the dishwasher (I did have a realization last week, though, as we're about to move out - the reason why I've avoided loading/unloading our dishwasher is because it is loud, takes 3 hours to cycle, and there is nowhere in the apartment you can go to get away from the noise. For three hours. Did I mention that it's loud?) I motivate myself with short-ish term projects, preferably ones that take an amount of energy and thought that is manageable but still requires effort. The 100 Day Project starts next week (because I'm crazy and think it's a good idea to tackle something like that over the course of a move and a busy summer) but until then I'm feeling rather lost.

this chair (and its two siblings before) has served us well, but I'm praying this weld holds until we move and then it can take its final rest in the trash compacter - otherwise we'll be eating our meals on the couch, because our other chair is also breaking

I'm teetering on the brink of Change, collecting ideas that I can't implement yet in a cute journal, and I should probably be relishing this space of stillness in between, but instead I'm champing at the bit, raring for the next adventure to begin.

2590. Consolidating small groups, since there were so few of us, and ending up in a group with someone I've been needing to talk to
2591. The lady at the register at Target telling me about an unsigned promotion on something that I needed (but had forgotten to grab)
2592. Long naps for the Littles while I packed
2593. Surviving a long morning after a trying night
2594. That surprise trips to food truck rallies make Adam feel loved
2596. Loblolly Creamery always having dairy free options, and Brooklyn adorably sitting on a curb and eating her sorbet
2597. Waiting a few minutes for a fresh rotisserie chicken
2598. Unexpected sunshine
2599. A little knitting time

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