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Turn, Turn, Turn

It's Spring, it's Spring! I can't exactly say that it's "sprung" yet, since the first two days of it have been cold and windy, but Winter is on its way out and all the bright, happy colors are calling to me. This gorgeous green mohair was nestled between equally luscious shades of orange, purple, and blue... it was so much like a flower bed that I struggled to choose a single color!

But it's still cool enough to appreciate a light sweater, especially for early-morning library trips or evenings playing at the park. Stacks is a collaboration with Ewe Ewe Yarns - I fell in love with the yarn (washable and lots of gorgeous color options!) when I discovered it last fall and shamelessly contacted the owner (Heather - gotta love a woman-owned business!) to see about doing a few designs. Find the pattern on Ewe Ewe's website here or on Ravelry here - and look for another design collaboration, coming soon!

The promise of warming weather means the return of my very favorite local food truck. We were at the Hillcrest Farmer's Market bright and early Saturday morning, hungry for paleo biscuits and gravy - it's a marker of how often we went last year that they saw me coming and greeted me by name. I'm glad to be a "regular" - and hope to be more of one this year than last.

Disclaimer: that is not my art. That is a Beautiful Word Bible, which is filled with verses gorgeously rendered by artists more talented (and confident) than I

It's Holy Week, and Lent ends this weekend, as does (in)courage's study of Fervent. I've learned so much as I've pursued the discipline of prayer - why to pray, how to pray, when to pray... collected valuable tools... and had some practical lessons, as well. It's a practice I'd like to continue (there's a short hall in the Possible House that would make a great prayer wall...), and I'm excited our next women's ministry book is Margaret Feinberg's book The Sacred Echo, which I think will be the perfect study to keep me motivated (in case the ongoing uncertainty of house stuff and life in general aren't enough).

There's lots of change happening, inside and out, and yet so many rhythms and patterns stay the same. I'm encouraged by the constant, inspired by the changing, and looking forward to a new season in which to practice adventure.

2512. Brooklyn crafting flowers with Adam's mom, and going on a nature walk to spot real flowers
2513. Tobin getting out all the police Matchbox cars with Adam's dad
2514. Long-distance friendship, and reconnecting over coffee
2515. The Walmart midway between Fayetteville and Little Rock that still has goldfish in their pet department - it's a good spot to get out and stretch with Littles
2516. Coming home to clean bathrooms and dinner in the crockpot - my Sweetness is so sweet
2517. Writing and dreamcasting
2518. Getting up in time to have a foodtruck breakfast before the house inspection
2519. The inspection going well, and not turning up anything egregious
2520. Coloring books for grown-ups
2521. Laying our palm branches at the foot of the cross
2522. A Sunday afternoon drive to an undisclosed location
2523. Sending in the second pattern (it always feels good to fulfill my end)
2524. Tobin sleeping through until it was time to get up (since we needed to be up early, anyway)
2525. Improved iron levels (no more blood draws!)
2526. The mileage Brooklyn and Tobin are getting out of half a dozen fancy plastic eggs


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