Friday, March 11, 2016


I take a lot of pictures. With the improvement of phone cameras and the creation of apps like Instagram and Enlight, most of them are with my phone - but before that, I shamelessly carried a little digital camera with me everywhere and frequently paused to capture a moment or preserve some small, beautiful thing. And before I had the digital camera, I had a tiny, oddly rounded Japanese camera that took little cartridges of film and I filled several albums (despite the fact that it cost more and took longer to have particular kind of film developed than the regular kind).

It's not just that I enjoy going back and remembering the living time that surrounds the flat representation... I also love to share it. If I find a flower blooming in the snow, against all hope, I could pick it and end its influence then and there, or I could leave it for a few random passersby, or I could snap and post a picture, and expand the possible positive influence exponentially.

That's also why I share the things that I love - especially shops and businesses that capture my fancy. I (somewhat sheepishly) asked a Fayetteville-local business if I could take a few pictures for a blog post. The manager I spoke with was more than delighted to give me a tour of the recently updated shop, but asked why I was doing it. Because I want y'all to stay open, but I can't keep you open by myself.

Good things are better shared. Afternoon tea, a beloved book, a funky new (or old) shop or restaurant, a favorite trail... the enjoyment expands in the sharing. Not in that I feel validated in my delight at whatever pastime or object or moment gave me pause - but that it's somehow made richer, more alive, by also delighting someone else.
"Joy shared is joy multiplied." -CS Lewis

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Tara Ulrich said...

Great post. I love that CS Lewis quote.

Lauren said...

Great quote by Lewis. Great post... we need to share the good things, when all too often we'd rather share the bad.