Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Pray On

Resurrection Sunday has come and gone, taking the Lenten season with it. I'm so glad that I pursued greater discipline in prayer... I did miss three days of #prayforrefugees, but went back and covered them the next day, and I was very varied with how much time I spent paying each day (sometimes I got to sit down with my portable prayer closet a couple of times a day, sometimes I only prayed through it in my head while I was up with Tobin for the third time in the night), but over all it was very beneficial and it's something I'd like to continue.

A contributing factor to my actually sticking with it was the (in)courage book club read of Fervent that lasted all month - I had just finished the Armor of God study with the ladies at church so I was familiar with Priscilla Shirer's concept of writing prayer strategies, but this dove in a little deeper, and it was also wonderful to be part of a community of women reading together. Even though we weren't meeting in person and there wasn't anyone to ask me if I'd read the chapter or actually written a prayer strategy, there was still a kind of accountability that really helped.

Another new thing that I started doing recently is chalk lettering on the back porch. It's a nice way to process things that come up during my quiet time, and I just enjoy it - the texture of the chalk and the porch, the vibrant colors, the transience of it. If I do it in the mornings I get the double benefit of sunshine and self-erasing guidelines from the shadow of the porch railing (I just have to work quickly, since they move ;) The Possible House doesn't have any concrete except for the public sidewalk (the back porch is a wooden deck and the driveway is pebbly), so any lettering I do will be right at the entrance of the neighborhood for any walker to see. I've started sketching ideas - I feel like it could be a great outreach opportunity!

Spring is springing and life moves on. I've started phase one of packing (packing elimination, or, How Much Of This Stuff Can I Throw Away Or Donate So I Don't Actually Have To Pack It?) and that's going well so far (much has been eliminated, and a few lost items have been found). April looks to be a busy month - I'm definitely going to need to maintain that prayer discipline to get through it!

2533. An adventure day and a full change jar to fund it
2534. Brooklyn's delight over a bunny charm necklace, and her insistence on sharing it with everyone we encountered
2535. Sweet snuggles with a sniffly Tobin
2536. Sunning on the balcony
2537. A new book on chalk lettering
2538. Adam having the weekend off - all week I've mistakenly thought he had Drill
2539. Getting the last two orders of biscuits and gravy from Beast for breakfast
2540. Ducklings
2541. A few hours spent knitting at Yarn Kandy
2542. That Jesus dies and rose again
2543. Adam taking Brooklyn and Tobin to Lowe's so that I could vacuum and make dinner
2544. Going to bed early
2545. Waking up naturally, and without any of the three headaches I went to bed with
2546. Sale summer shoes for Brooklyn and Tobin
2547. A few rounds of after dinner Skip Bo with Adam


Anna Rendell said...

Love this! So glad you joined us for the book club :)

Michele Morin said...

I love that you shared your list of gifts!