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In the In Between

I tend to maintain the illusion of having it (more or less) together. It's not always intentional... I've been counting gifts for a few years, so I try to see the good in every situation, and I don't want everything I post on social media to be a downer on someone's day (whether that be a verbal complaint or a "gee, I wish I hadn't seen that photo while I was eating my lunch!" shot of a kid-related catastrophe), so sometimes it appears I'm living out of a highlights reel. 

I felt like I struck a decent balance with the toes pictured above - a sweet picture, that I posted on Instagram with an honest caption referencing the reason that the owner of those toes had to have a bath (which wasn't pretty - Adam got the "exhibits A and B" shots so he'd be prepared for possible discussion when he got home, and, to be honest, because I was feeling sorry for myself over the morning we were having and wanted some pity, but those didn't get publically posted). 

But that was a rare moment - too often, I tip toward over-filtering.

from Even If Not by Kaitlyn E Bouchillon

I just like for things to be tidy. I recognize that stuff happens, but then I'd like it to stop happening so I can have a happy ending for my blog post, or better yet, a terrific spiritual application. Because there are only so many posts you can write from the valley before they all start to sound the same... and so, I filter.

But in her new book, Even If Not, Kaitlyn Bouchillon dives into life in the "ampersand" - that symbol that stands between here & there, between questions & answers, between darkness & light... really, the place where we all find ourselves most of the time.

adorable print from the book, pinned up on my prayer board, available here

Gently encouraging (and at times, painfully convicting), she shares her own story as she's living it, calling us to live and share ours, as well. And even if we haven't arrived, even if we don't understand, even if nothing goes as planned, to lean into God in trust instead of trying to yank the pen out of His hand and write our own story, thank-you-very-much.

While I could happily share whole chapters' worth of quotes ("Darkness & Light" struck me especially, as an ampersand that I'm currently inhabiting), I'd prefer that you read it for yourself! So comment with an in-between you're living in (or have lived in in the past), and I'll randomly select one commenter to send a copy of the book and a little ampersand journal. (If you're impatient, don't want to leave it to chance, or would like to get a copy for a friend, head here!)
Editing to add: congratulations to Patti!

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Miranda said…
I am living my in between right now. My husband is currently in prison for a crime he didn't commit. Our kids who are seven and four and myself miss him dearly. I feel like God is calling me forward but I have trouble moving forward while he is stuck in there against his will. God has him in there for a reason but still it doesn't make it hurt any less. When I first read the description of Kaitlyn's book, I felt it was meant for me. I have yet to purchase it because I only make $300 a month so funds are low.

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