Thursday, March 31, 2016


"All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us." {JRR Tolkien}

I am not a Decider. If I have been party to the process from the inception of an idea through to the finely tuned finale, then I am capable of making the decisions necessary along the way, with appropriate assertion. But if someone invites me into the middle of the process with a question like "which of these movies would you prefer to watch?" I stare at them blankly. Movies? I wasn't thinking about movies. I was thinking about the varying applications of red as an accent color, paired with turquoise. Ask me if I think red or orange would be better - I can answer that!

A negative side effect of this is that I tend to let life happen to me, without taking responsibility for it. I just accept. Woke up in a bad mood? Guess that's how the rest of the day will be. No motivation? Looks like nothing's going to get done. While it's maddening at times, there's also a somewhat refreshing element to pretending that I have no control over my mood.

Unfortunately, it's just that - pretending. The fact is, I do have control. It may be hard, it may be unpleasant, it may not be what I want to do at the moment, it may require more energy than I'd like to put toward it... but either way I'm making a decision: to do nothing, or to affect change for the better.

But I can decide to pray when I feel my temper fraying, before it snaps. I can decide to lift my mood by donating usable clothing to the homeless shelter instead of resorting to retail therapy. I can decide to pursue gratitude rather than entitlement, and joy rather than wasting my energy justifying a bad mood. 

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Julie Lefebure said...

Great post! We can decide differently, can't we? So many opportunities to do so. Thank you for pointing me in the better direction through your words! It's a gift to follow you this week at FMF! Blessings!

Brandi Rennemeyer said...

I just had to stop in and say hi! Your words caught my eye. I too have fallen into the trap of following along, but I do have a choice and today I choose His truth over my windy emotions. Happy Friday to you!