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All Together Now

I love group prayer (that statement may surprise some, but community is an adventure that I'm just beginning to embrace). I don't always join in out loud (generally because someone has already expressed what I was thinking, and what she said, God seems like an odd thing to say), but just the solidarity of multiple people bringing the same thing to God at the same time is a beautiful thing to be a part of.

Despite being a discipline that I'm not very, well, disciplined in, I've enjoyed delving into prayer as part of Lent. So this idea is one that really struck me, and was too good not to share: in making possible plans with another lady from church, she suggested that we pray daily for each other and for the plan at the same time every day. Brilliant. Unified prayer, even though we're not physically meeting (in the interest of full disclosure, I missed the first day by about 20 minutes, despite my Sharpied reminder, but I've since set an alarm on my phone and haven't missed again). I may suggest it to a few long-distance friends, as well...

I also love book clubs and studies - I feel like everyone benefits from hearing others' perspectives and ideas. (Okay, I'm currently snail mail bookclubbing Dracula with an out-of-state friend, and I have to admit that she's definitely contributed more to the discussion, with historic context and backstory, but I believe that we're both enjoying it...) The Priscilla Shirer Armor of God study that our church has been going through has been awesome (and is, sadly, almost over).

But, tomorrow begins an (in)courage book club of her book on prayer, Fervent! I stumbled onto their book clubs just after Brooklyn was born - it was perfect, because they post videos and posts for discussion a couple of times a week, but then the whole series is archived so you don't have to worry about falling behind. I read along with Emily P Freeman's A Million Little Ways, then went back and did Ann Voskamp's One Thousand Gifts at my own pace (in finding the links for those, I noticed that they have archived discussions of a few other books that I already own - may have to check into those later!)

Any kind of -along is fun, I think, whether it's knitting or reading or any other joint pursuit - but I feel like spiritually-based ones are particularly powerful. A group of women (or men - or both), joining together to share their hearts, ideas, and experiences, lifting each other up and encouraging each other, whether they're sitting around the same table or connected through computer screens... it's a beautiful thing!

2448. Tiny curly pigtails
2449. Brooklyn helping, adorably, at the grocery store
2450. The End It Movement
2451. That I've stopped remembering my dreams (it's an answer to prayer - I was having some that I wanted to forget)
2452. Increased weight and iron levels for Tobin
2453. and Brooklyn having a wonderful time staying at the Armory with Adam while I took him to the air base for his appointment
2454. Space to pray at lunchtime, since I didn't get to at breakfast
2455. Sharing the Museum of Discovery with Adam's parents
2456. Their willingness to stay with Brooklyn and Tobin while we looked at a few houses
2457. A morning spent in solitude, quiet, and nature - the sort of worship my soul needed
2458. That PF Chang's will bring your carry-out order out to your car (because wrestling two Littles in, waiting, then wrestling two Littles-plus-food back is not my idea of a good time)
2459. Our offer on a house being swiftly rejected in favor of another offer - less anticipation means less disappointment!
2460. A quiet time on the balcony right after breakfast
2461. Long naps for everyone, including me (we all needed a reset after a rough morning)
2462. Free queso for leap day at Tacos 4 Life


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