Tuesday, March 15, 2016

A New Thing

I am so excited about Spring this year. I'm always glad when we get to the point in the year where it's possible to walk outside "as is" and not freeze (or immediately break into a sweat), but for whatever reason, I'm especially excited this year.

Maybe it's because it feels like our life-season is aligning with the actual season, for once. The offer we made on House #3 last week was accepted, and while I'm withholding total jumping-up-and-down-and-squealing excitement until inspections and loan stuff are a little more finalized, this one feels like The Right One in a way the others didn't.

So we've been emotionally preparing Brooklyn for the concept of a move, and I've been packing things in my head, planning what order to pack in and how we're going to make the transition as efficient and non-traumatic as possible.

But since I'm still standing back and holding it at arm's length as theoretical only, the only concrete thing I can do while I wait is to pray - pray for the current owners of the home, for inspections, for loans, for the moving process, and for vision and passion toward how God would have use the space He provides for us. (And remind myself every time I spot a cute accessory or piece of furniture while I'm out that anything I buy will have to be moved, so I should probably just wait.)

We've taken another step off the edge of our map, and haven't encountered any monsters yet. I'm beginning to warm up to the concept of this adventure!

2484. Chalk drawings on the balcony with Brooklyn
2485. Tobin applauding his own attempts to walk
2486. The Goodness gives extras
2487. A warm, dry home
2488. Not destroying a (new) "handwash only" shirt by putting it through the wash
2489. Finished everyone's laundry and putting it all away
2490. Adam taking a four day weekend
2491. Clearance pants for Tobin
2492. Grape hyacinths
2493. Our offer on House #3 being accepted
2494. and that they cyber-stalked us and want us to have their house
2495. The lunch crew at Dempsey Bakery noticing that we'd missed the cut-off by five minutes and coming to see if we wanted lunch
2496. Pretty green mohair/silk yarn
2497. Tacos 4 Life
2498. The little person that Brooklyn is becoming
2499. A convicting sermon, lunch at home, and Peace after
2500! Brooklyn and Tobin accepting the time change gracefully
2501. Beating the storm home
2502. Prayer and peace on the back porch
2503. Mum staying with Brooklyn and Tobin while I went to Monday-night Gathering at church
2504. Morgan's passion and vision

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