Thursday, March 24, 2016

A Mini Adventure

It's Spring Break here this week, which means my feed is filled with pictures of people skiing in the mountains or burying their toes in the sand, and our usual haunts are filled with stir-crazy staycationers. We, on the other hand, spent the first few days of this week going to four different stores in search of necessary groceries.

But sometimes you just need a spontaneous adventure. So this morning we emptied my change jar into the coin counter at the bank, ran back home for sturdier jackets because the thermometer may be 60 degrees but the wind is knocking at least 15 degrees off of that, and set out.

We do fun things on a fairly regular basis so this week we quested something that was only happening this week. My very favorite source for local jewelry is doing leather cord charm necklaces for spring breakers, and my love for local businesses and Bella Vita in particular is so great that I drove down town and parallel parked during lunch in order to go. Brooklyn delightedly chose a tiny bunny and a surprisingly neutral cord, then helped me with a springy trio and metallic cord (because why should the kids get all the fun?)

Brooklyn petted and snuggled and talked to her bunny in the car, and excitedly showed it to "Miss Alison" at the bakery, then made sure that we all had bunny-shaped treats, in keeping with the theme. I love seeing their creativity - I took cake decorating classes years ago (and never could make a rose that didn't look like a cabbage, according to my instructor) but never excelled. These artists produce frosted masterpieces, and get especially creative around holidays.

We wound up our morning at library, and I snagged a book for naptime reading (a classic that I've never read but always wanted to). Since they're still small, our adventures are pretty small, too, but I'm glad of the chance to have them, whatever size they are.

2527. Sunning and lettering on the balcony
2528. Brooklyn riding on the end of the cart
2529. and greeting every single person we encountered
2530. Strawberries for $1.50 a quart
2531. Writing prayer strategies for the Possible House
2532. Meeting Adam for dinner and not getting rained on in the process

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