Thursday, February 25, 2016

Just One Drop

Today, my social media was flooded with red Xs - people joining the End It Movement to raise awareness of human trafficking for "shine a light on slavery day." Groups and individuals, celebrities and ordinary folk, all with a raised fist marked with a red X. In it to end it.

Back to Africa earrings via Fair Trade Friday's earrings of the month club

Awareness alone can't solve the problem - but it cannot be solved until everyone knows that there is a problem. And that's why I speak out. I was already passionate about local businesses, but a few years ago the End It Movement opened my eyes to the need to expand that passion to ethically made goods, as well. So I post photos of the fair trade businesses I'm happy to support. I have an elevator speech for anyone who comments on my Fair Trade Friday earrings (I think I've told at least 5 people this week about the refugees in Houston...) I check labels and I research brands and I vote with my dollar to the best of my ability (did you know that if you ask them to, Stitch Fix will send you ethically made garments?)

I spent a lot of time believing lies like "well, even if that person was only paid a few cents to make this, a few cents goes a lot further in Asia than it does here, so it's okay." and then I wasted some time feeling guilty for the place of privilege that I was born into.  Now I'm grateful that God placed me here, for a reason - He gave me a passion to care, space to speak out, and the resources to affect change. I'm just a drop in the bucket, but if we all start putting our drops in the same, good buckets, we can tip the scales toward freedom.

2442. Two new ladies at The Gathering
2443. The drizzle becoming a downpour after we got home
2444. That we can look at houses online - it really helps save time narrowing things down!
2445. Mum and Dad coming to visit for a day
2446. 3 dozen fresh brown eggs
2447. Brooklyn practicing hospitality (bringing toys into her room, then inviting Tobin in to play)

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