Thursday, February 18, 2016


I forget a lot of things - random items at the grocery store (why is it always a necessary ingredient for dinner that night?), that muffins need to be made this evening so we'll have them ready for breakfast tomorrow, where I put Brooklyn's tennis shoes after we got home from the park... things that would make my life easier if I could just remember them.

And I forget more important things, too - I forget forgiveness received and grace given, Whose I am and the promises He kept and keeps. I forget Who provides for my needs (and some of my wants, too), Who loves me unconditionally but also asks that I love in the same manner. I get frustrated and uneasy and and anxious, and begin to pace like a caged fox, forgetting that He's already set me free.

But my remembering capacity is all clogged up with things like That Stupid Thing I Said On Sunday, I Wonder If Anyone Else Noticed? and perceived slights and unconsciously held grudges and weird, disturbing dreams and deeply ingrained habits and patterns and reactions.

It's like a twist on Romans 7:15. I do not understand my own actions. For I forget what I want to remember, but I remember the very thing I want to forget. So until such a time as I can let go of the lies and hold firm to truths naturally, I'm taping them to my walls, writing them on my hands, murmuring them under my breath as I count stitches... redeeming the energy lost in frustratedly bemoaning my forgetfulness, and shifting my focus to intentionally remembering, instead.

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blestbutstrest said...

Yep. I'd say we were writing the same pages of the same book tonight! I'll pray for you, and you can pray for me!

Karrilee Aggett said...

Oh yes... all the Amens and Me Toos, my friend!

Christina Hubbard - Creative and Free said...

Are you in my head, Sarah? Holding on to remembering what He's done. Every day.

Tara Ulrich said...

Oh my goodness...ditto friend!

Lynette said...

Great post, Sarah. Glad I stopped by. Be blessed.

~#89 at linkup