Thursday, February 4, 2016


Focus. Not something I've had a whole lot of lately... My schedule has been chaotic and my mind has been full and prone to wander, causing trickle-down effects like leaving my keys at my parents' house and not realizing it until I'd arrived home, 3 hours away. (Thankfully Adam was nearby and able to let us in, but it led to several days of getting up when he did - at o'dark thirty - in order to lock him out after he left for work.)

Our church's women's ministry is doing Priscilla Shirer's Armor of God study this semester, and one thing it covered last week was common tactics of the enemy - how he prods at certain areas that he knows will produce a reaction. Relationships, confidence, identity... and, among others, focus. That gave me pause - because my distraction goes so much deeper than forgetting small processes and making minor mistakes. It roots in shifting my attention to the never-ending line of Tasks Waiting To Be Done and off of my only Hope and Help.

So this week I've made it a point to say, out loud, every time I hit a snag, just a symptom, not the disease. Sometimes that's all I have time for before metaphorical bandaids have to be applied, but it's helped me to rise above the moment and recognize my need for a Physician. For Someone who's gone through the stress of daily life and has yet risen above it, ready and willing to help me rise above, as well, if only I'll focus on Him.

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Amy M said...

I know the feeling! Sometimes I feel like I cannot stay focused on any one thing, and it is a hard struggle for me. Thank God for prayer - it's been helping me so much.

Fit Magnolia said...

This sounds like such a good bible study. I think focus is so underrated when in reality is so important. But life happens and I find using phrase reminders like "just a symptom, not the disease" helps us refocus and find some sanity in our daily lives.

Andrew said...

Beautifully written, Sarah Jo.

On expand on the need for a doc, perhaps triage is an apt model in a world that breeds chaos. Focus on that which is immediately at hand, and let the rest of the Medical Staff take care of everything else?

Iam 32 at FMF, I think...not really well enough to remember, nor go back and check.

Andrew said...

Sorry, not 32...#2.

Thoughts for the day said...

Boy that would be a hard thing to realize you drove that far to have no keys to get in your home. Rough way to begin a 'coming home' time.
So glad you are working through it with encouraging words. Good post.

Lynette said...

Focus is such a hard thing for me to attain, too. I constantly am having to pray for more focus. So glad God is full of grace, am I right?

~#8 this week