Monday, January 4, 2016

The Right Foot

Cousins playing - 2.5, 1, and 1.5. It was so fun to see them playing together, since the two youngest were too young to interact last year!

Our year (remarkably) got off to what I would consider an excellent start. I realize that there's grace for rocky beginnings, and that good starts don't necessarily guarantee good endings nor do bad beginnings preclude them, but it's a nice feeling.

Darth Vader wearing a scarf, on a tshirt. Because making it funny is the only way I'm going to wear Star Wars related clothing.

Our favorite baby sitter was in town visiting family during winter break from her out-of-town college, so we had her come on Friday afternoon (a la Lazy Genius) and went to a movie, just-us-two. It was glorious sitting in comfy recliners for over two hours, uninterrupted and not on-edge from waiting for someone to start crying - and then we got home in time to put them to bed and watch the Sherlock Christmas Special together under a blanket on the couch. Star Wars plus period Holmes equals really strange dreams afterwards, but altogether it was a lovely evening (and Brooklyn and Tobin had a good time, because nothing helps the witching hour[s] between naps and dinner like a fresh face).

Saturday and Sunday we got visits from Adam's family (see also first picture) and deeply enjoyed spending time with them (as proven by the solitary picture that I took while they were here - there is a time for documenting Kodak moments, and then there is a time for living them).

It's not often that people bring you the tools to recover from their visit (I love my family, but blocks of time spent being social is draining) with them when they come

Today is a recovery day - Brooklyn and Tobin are contentedly playing with new toys, and I'm reveling in the stillness. Community is valuable and important, and it's definitely worth the effort - but I have to admit that I'm also grateful for a few days with no commitments beyond needing groceries at some point (but, not today).

2279. An extraordinarily productive day
2280. Having the idea for a gift in time to get it before the store closed (early, for the holiday)
2281. Brooklyn eating stir fry for dinner (she'd stopped eating it for awhile)
2282. A real date with Adam
2283. Brooklyn and Tobin having a good evening with Anna
2284. The internet holding out for 1.5 hour livestream (it's sketchy when too many people try to use it at once, and everyone was off for the holiday)
2285. Thoughtful gifts
2286. Enjoyable visits
2287. Brooklyn's extraordinary courage
2288. Getting to read books to my little niece
2289. Pastors who are committed to preaching uncomfortable truths
2290. Time at the end of the day to introvert

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