Tuesday, January 12, 2016

The Amaryllis: a tragedy

Lovingly planted on December first, we checked the progress of the papery bulb and tiny leaf tips daily, along with our breakfast Advent readings.

I took weekly progress photos, choosing the filter that most flattered the slowly greening stem before posting it.

Three weeks in, it was the victim of a curious explorer with developing motor skills.

But it rebounded spectacularly, growing over 18" over the course of the next week, before reaching its final height of 24".

The bud began to slowly open, and I left it for a weekend with a fond farewell, hoping to return to four scarlet blossoms.

Alas, it was not to be. Having far exceeded the usual height of any sensible amaryllis, it tumbled off the counter after only two of the buds had opened (which two Adam kindly preserved in a glass of water for me, after returning the slightly crushed stem to its pot and cleaning up the debris), and immediately gave up growing and began to yellow for wintering.

{the end}

Coming soon: The Adventures of the Chia Gnome!

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