Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Snowed In, Snowed Under

I like being snowed in - paradoxically, because I'm a wanderer by nature. But in reasonable (read: small) doses, the blanket of forced calm caused by a good snow brings a sort of peace.

There's so much you can get done when you're trapped indoors and neither the necessity nor the distraction of leaving is available to you - which is probably where the appeal lies for me. I enjoy doing a task from beginning to end without interruption (whether that's finishing a cup of tea while it's still hot, reading a book without once putting it down, writing a letter with no awkward handwriting shifts from being written over the course of multiple days, or knitting a project from cast on to bind off).

But after a few days, wanderlust kicks in and I begin to go stir-crazy. Brooklyn and Tobin have helped me see the adventure in a dusting of snow on one's own porch this past weekend, though - it was adorable to watch Brooklyn's ardent desire to touch and explore, and Tobin's careful observation-at-a-distance.

Sometimes I feel "snowed in" (or is it snowed under?) with daily life - the never-ending parade of seeming sameness that is managing a home and two small children. It's a process, learning to find the wonder in the ordinary every-day. but I'm learning that I'm more likely to notice it if I slow down and bend over - the extraordinary can often be found reflected in a pair of storm-grey or deep-brown eyes, softly spoken of in a small voice that tends to skip the letters L and R.

2342. Happy mail
2343. Adam getting home safely in the slick, even with a detour in the wrong direction to pick up something for the next day
2344. A warm, dry, safe home
2345. Brooklyn's utter delight over the snow
2346. and Tobin's cat-like caution
2347. Christian Brothers replacing the EGR valve in Adam's truck (again) for free (again), because it keeps going out
2348. The library being open (if a few hours late because of the roads)
2349. Time to go to the library and the knit shop all together before Adam had to leave for an afternoon appointment
2350. Lots and lots of knitting
2351. Not falling down stairs while wearing Tobin (I made a valiant attempt)
2352. Adam doing the grocery shopping for the week while I took a nap
2353. Actually getting to bed early (usually trying results in staying up late, instead)
2354. Finding a nightlight for Brooklyn
2355. Playing Chutes and Ladders with Adam
2356. An unhurried shower

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