Thursday, January 7, 2016


Monday was kind of a Day. I should have expected it, but I was so looking forward to a day at home with just-us-three that I forgot about Brooklyn also needing a total reset from a very "off" weekend. Everything went swimmingly until about 11am - and then it devolved, very, very quickly. There was much push-back against everything, and not nearly enough grace and patience to go around. I sat down at the end of the day and journaled through it, trying to find the point at which I'd gone wrong, and found it - when I missed my usual solitary time during their afternoon naps (their naps had staggered that day), I just gave up.

Tuesday I woke with new resolve. I started the day with a study of love, and then moved on to gratitude, determined not to let the ghost of Monday's failures haunt a perfectly good new day (which is, sadly, my tendency). The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases; His mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning; great is your faithfulness! I repeated Lamentations 3:22-23 to myself, over and over.

So I memorized and colored and wrote thank you notes, and Brooklyn warmed up "cookies" for us all in her new toy microwave, and thoughtfully helped Tobin get a (real) drink of water in case he was thirsty from all the cookies he'd had. They're far from perfect (I'm far from perfect, so it's kind of an unreasonable standard to hold people to who can't even spell - or in Tobin's case, say - their own names) but it was deeply refreshing to see the sweet and unassuming way that little ones can play together.

In the end, I was reminded that there is no lack of grace if only I would hold out my hands for it, and that no situation, or day, or person, is beyond redemption. And that's a reminder I'm grateful for.

2294. A redeemed day of rest at home
2295. Brooklyn and Tobin playing together sweetly
2296. and her helping clean up the living room before lunch
2297. A long-overdue library day
2298. and the next Harry Potter book (I usually put them on hold so I know it will be there - this time I just checked the shelf)
2299. Cookies for all at Dempsey (and them having the particular kind that Brooklyn's been asking for for the week and a half that they've been closed)

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